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Interview with Christian author, Paulette Harper

Today I'm pleased to introduce Paulette Harper.

Paulette is a sought after speaker, certified life coach, elder and author. As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Paulette’s desire is to motive women to reach their God given potential through conferences, workshops and seminars. Recipient of the 2010 AIM Literary Award. Presented by Bishop I.V. and Pastor Bridget Hilliard on Oct 20, 2010 and Jeweled Ministries 2010 Author of the year. Paulette Harper Johnson serves in ministry with her husband Sr. Pastor Tony E. Johnson at Word of Faith Worship Center in Bradenton, FL.

What is Completely Whole about?

Oftentimes, many people try to seek fulfillment from money, relationships, accomplishments, or material things. Others choose to cope with difficult problems by using drugs or alcohol, but they often come up short and soon have to realize that such things do not bring true happiness and fulfillment in life. How then can we successfully solve the problems that we face and find true happiness and peace in our lives? Well, author, Paulette Harper, in her latest book, Completely Whole, shows readers how to overcome suffering caused by alcoholism, substance abuse, poverty, and other obstacles blocking the path to a life of wholeness in spirit, soul, and body.

In her well-written, resource-filled guide, Harper provides readers with practical and biblically-based solutions to overcome everyday problems. Completely Whole features prayers, meditations, and powerful scripture passages to allow readers to interact with the text and to apply it to their own lives. Harper uses personal experiences and biblical principles to place readers on a path to be in connection with God. This life-changing book will help readers to transform their spirit, soul, and body through Jesus Christ, so they can live a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment.

What inspired you to write your books?

My story is different from many writers; I didn’t grow up with the aspiration to become a professional writer. When God spoke to my heart about writing, I knew He wanted me to write inspirational books-books that encouraged, motivated and led readers toward a closer walk with Him. With that being my vision, my writing career began.

On May 24, 2008, my first non-fiction inspirational book That Was Then, This Is Now: This Broken Vessel Restored was released, which achieved national recognition by being awarded a finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Award and ranked consecutively on the Black Christian Publishers Bestsellers List for Independent Publishers, Non-Fiction. On Nov 4, 2009, I was honored to be selected to participate in two anthologies, Victorious Living for Women and Victorious Living for Moms. On Aug 3, 2011 Completely Whole was released under my own publishing company Thy Word Publishing.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? Completely Whole is one of those books that will challenge the reader to do a self-examination of where they are as it relates to their own spirituality. What I want people to gain from reading Completely Whole. This life-changing book will help readers to transform their spirit, soul, and body through Jesus Christ, so they can live a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment. In Completely Whole, I offer keys to help those who are searching for answers that can lead to a life of complete wholeness: Spirit, Soul and Body. My focus in writing is to enrich the lives of my readers. I had a reader make this comment about Completely Whole “It speaks” and that’s what I want it to do. I want them to come away knowing that they have the ability to live a full enriched life.

Why should we buy your book?

I want to make several impacts on readers. First I write non-fiction inspirational books so this means my books should have a lasting effect on a person’s spirit. Inspiring and encouraging them to pursue with passion a better fulfilled life. I want my writings to give strength, encouragement in the time of need. As they read Completely Whole, I want my writings to engage, stimulate and edify them spiritually. This book is inspiring, optimistic, hopeful and encouraging while providing a clear-cut, scriptural blueprint for each reader to follow as they allow the Word and the power of God to transform their pain and restore their lives on their road to becoming "Completely Whole."

Other Accomplishments:
Because I have a desire to see other aspiring writers dream come to reality, I’ve created Write Now, literary workshops. These workshops are designed to coach aspiring writers in the areas of creativity, development and publication of Christian books.

God has given me a desire for writers especially those who want to write for the Lord. Through these workshops it is my aspiration to provide information that will help aspiring writers dream come to reality, by providing tools, resources and opportunities to help them succeed.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

I would highly recommend to those who are aspiring to become authors to be patient with the process of becoming well known. Connecting with your audience and branding yourself will take time. Especially for new writers the market is flooded with books for readers to choose from so by keeping this in mind you must be able to patiently wait your time to shine.

What’s next for Paulette?

I have started writing my first Christian Fiction book series. My first book in the Trinity Lakes series is titled: The Sanctuary. It will be released sometime next year. I’m excited about this new journey God has me on. I’m looking forward to seeing what He is going to do through these next books.

Where can visitors find you online?

Please visit me at:
I’m on Facebook under Paulette Harper-Johnson
I also have a blog Empowered to Prosper of which I am a blog tour host:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Interview with Theresa Franklin, Christian Author

Welcome to Writer-lee, Theresa.

Please introduce yourself, then tell us how you got started writing.

My name is Theresa Franklin. My husband and I live in Beaumont, TX where we raised our three children. I taught school for 12 years and then went into administration for 12 years. I retired last year. I have always loved writing and reading. I taught both in my classes. Even my first graders were taught to write stories. Every Wednesday was Creative Writing Day and the students looked forward to it. I had always dreamed of writing books, but didn’t have the time while the children were growing up and I was teaching school.
The last year I worked in the school, I decided that it was time to write. I began writing children’s books. I consulted the school psychologist about the subject matter. Children with disabilities have my heart, so a lot of my stories are about living with a disability. I also write about such things as death, divorce, and remarriage for children. The reality is that our children must deal with these adult issues and few books give them the necessary tools. I try to do that in my stories. I also write stories just for fun. Some stories were taken from my own children's adventures when they were growing up.

What have you published and what is your current project?

I have published the children’s books A Sunny Tomorrow, an e-format book which is a collection of 19 Christian-based stories.

Don’t Forget Daddy is a children’s book about a little girl who must learn to accept a step-father. Journey to Fulfillment is the testimony of my emotional struggle to come to grips with some painful events in my life. In the book, I also help the adult reader to understand or turn the stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

As a writer of faith, what is your philosophy on marketing?

I have mixed feelings about marketing. I do understand that the story is mine and no one can sell it like me, but I do believe that publishers should help market it. It is frustrating for an author, especially a new one, to receive an email from the publisher with a list of ‘contacts you might want to connect with’. If I were the publisher, I would make the contacts and then have the author follow up. A contact from a publisher gives the author much more status than a personal contact. Imagine yourself as the owner of a bookstore. You receive two calls in one day. First call, “Hi, I wrote a book and I wanted to know if you will let me come to your bookstore and sell it.” Second call, “Hi, I am from ABC Publisher and I have an author that I think you would be interested in hosting for a book signing.” Which author would you want in your store?

Tell us about a "God incident" related to your writing.

My adult book Journey to Fulfillment was precipitated by an emotional crisis that I experienced. After the initial shock, God impressed upon me that these painful events in my life had helped to shape my principles and convictions. In essence, they helped make me who I am today. Then He gave me the title Journey to Fulfillment.

What are your hopes/dreams for the future?

I hope to continue writing and helping children and adults navigate this rough terrain we call life. My husband hopes for grandchildren, but we will see.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning to write and wanting to publish?

I write what I know and from my heart. So that is what I would say to anyone beginning to write. On getting published? After I had written Journey to Fulfillment, let others read and edit it, edited it myself, and rewrote it for what seemed like the 14th time, I was ready to submit it. I opened the website of my preferred publisher, but fear gripped me and I could not click ‘submit’. I called my husband into the room and asked him to pray with me. He got down on his knees, held my hand and prayed for God to bless this book and use it for His honor and glory. So I would say: pray, pray, pray.

Any last words?

Thanks for hosting me. I enjoyed spending the time with you. I would love to have you and your readers join me on my blog and website. I write on a variety of subjects. I have started writing and posting short stories occasionally. I am anxious to see how my readers like them. Readers can find me at:

I enjoyed getting to know you, Theresa. Thanks for doing the interview. :) Marcia

Monday, July 18, 2011

Interview with Anita Estes, Christian Author

Today I welcome Anita Estes.

Anita, please introduce yourself, then tell us how you got started writing.

My name is Anita Estes, and I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I started writing poetry and kept a journal. When I became a Christian I began writing articles and devotions, then I started writing children’s stories when I became a teacher and a mother. As I grew in the Lord, I progressed to writing inspirational stories and had my work published. I wrote my first book of stories and devotionals six years ago when I was invited to be a speaker at a women’s conference (WIN). They wanted me to have a book available of my work.

What have you published and what is your current project?

I have written a number of devotions and short stories that have been published in “Upper Roo
m”, Penned form the Heart, Adam’s Media Books, God Allows U-Turns: for Women, Cup of Comfort Book of Prayer, and Deliver Me! I have three books published, When God Speaks, 40 Days and Nights of His Promises, which is a story format devotional with an accompanying Bible Study work book. My next book I compiled and edited was Transformed—Inspiring Stories of Freedom, a book of testimonies about men freed from the bondage of addictions.

My recent release, Letters to God on a Prodigal Son—Overcoming Addiction Through Prayer was
birthed from the painful journey I experienced while navigating the minefield of my son’s addiction. I kept a journal that contained many powerful prayers, letters and scriptures that I thought would help others navigate the turbulent waters of a prodigal’s addiction, so I worked on transforming it into a book. I added two sections, Lessons Learned and Suggestions that I thought would further help others to avoid some of the pitfalls I experienced, while offering a lifeline of hope. At the time my son was going through this terrible ordeal, I couldn’t find any Christian books on the subject that gave practical and spiritual, not textbook, advice. Letters to God, on a Prodigal Son was designed to fit this need. It’s filled with the heart-felt letters and prayers of a mother, key spiritual insights and practical advice. My desire in writing this book is to help others and minister to them though this true life story. You can buy this book and any of my others at ; Amazon; Barnes and Nobles

I’ve also written a novel, The Dividing Stone, which I plan on publishing in 2012. It is a spiritual warfare book with a historical slant involving angels, demons and an unsuspecting artist who is drawn into a battle for her life to rescue the lives of other Christians.

As a writer of faith, what is your philosophy on marketing?

I’ve struggled in this area because I never wanted to promote myself, but a few years ago an author at a writer’s conference told me that I wasn’t promoting myself, but the words God gave me to write. I thought about that for a while; however, I didn’t start publicizing my writing on-line until recently. In the past I had my books in Christian bookstores and did book signings, but all those have gone out of business. I’ve now joined a number on on-line groups, and I’m getting to know some wonderful people and enjoying meeting other authors, though I don’t have many on-line sales. Yet I believe if God wants my writing to get into the public’s hands, He will help me do it. However, I have to put in the effort, which I’ve been trying to be more diligent about doing.

Tell us about a "God incident" related to your writing.

There are several incidents where I feel God has placed my books in the hands of people who are in need of help and support. One such incident came when I was debating whether or not I should continue writing. One day I received an e-mail that said “I love your books!” in the subject line. The person told me she had bought a number of my books in a local bookstore and was giving them out to her friends and family. Her sister was really enjoying my book, When God Speaks. I was happy that it was ministering to her. Later, I discovered that the sister had a very difficult marriage and that book gave her hope and encouraged her walk with God. This is one of my most important goals as a writer —to encourage and help others.

What are your hopes/dreams for the future?

I hope that when I retire from teaching, I’ll be able to write more books, be more widely read and become a motivational/inspirational speaker for woman’s conferences. A friend of mine in South Carolina developed a powerful conference for woman, WIN, based on targeting seven areas of need in woman’s lives and I hope to become more involved with this. It’s a multi-media, arts based interactive approach to a conference, and I hope to expand this outreach. My next goal is to be able to have a book ministry that can pay for itself and develop into a small business. Presently, I own a small publishing company—Transformation House, which I hope to gradually enlarge and publish other Christian author’s work as I learn more about the business and publishing.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning to write and wanting to publish?

Write what comes naturally to you and what God puts on your heart. Write it all out, then edit it over and over again. Find your own unique voice, but allow others to give you editing advice, especially if you are self-publishing. Above all else, don’t give up. I wrote hundreds of pieces before I was published. If you want to be published, either attend Christian writing conferences or network with others on-line. I was not published until I attended a writer’s conference and networked with others. Write for a specific audience. Have them in mind when you are writing, but don’t write just for others. Write because it’s what God wants you to do. Even if you might be a Jonah and want to run away from the writer’s life, don’t. I’ve left my writing for years because it’s a lot of work, but God always draws me back. If God is calling you to write, then do it.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Anita. God bless as you continue to write for the Kingdom.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Journey to Inscribe

I'm sure I stopped breathing. God had been showing me that He wanted me to write but I was aware that I needed help. So I'd prayed that he would show me where to go to find people of like mind who were writing for Him. Now here it was - the answer to that prayer - an advertisement for the Alberta Christian Writers' Fellowship, meeting in a small church about an hour's drive from where we lived.

I was delighted to learn there was such a thing as a Christian writers' organization, let alone that it was so close to home. I attended that first meeting, then a workshop, then another. They asked me to be part of their executive committee, and although it was in a capacity that I did not feel very confident about, (treasurer), I said yes and enjoyed being involved in the planning for workshops and then longer conferences as well as the fellowship of the others in leadership of the organization. Over the years I held many positions on the executive (other than treasurer!).

As I continued to attend the workshops and conferences and enter the contests my writing improved by leaps and bounds. I learned how to submit my work and began to have success in publishing. The encouragement of those who had been writing for some time was invaluable. The friendships I gained were more than I could have hoped for when I prayed that prayer at the beginning of this journey. I know without a doubt I would not be where I am today as a writer and as a person, were it not for the influence of those friends.

It was an exciting day when the executive met and we began talking about expanding ACWF to include all of Canada. We already had members from across the country so it seemed like a logical step. We were pleased when the membership agreed and voted Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship into existence. The challenge was, and remains to be, how to engage writers in our organization when they live so far away. It was a delight to see some of them come from as far away as Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to attend our Fall Conferences and to see them connect in local satellite groups, on the internet listserv and through the newsletter, FellowScript.

I know God's hand guided me to find ACWF and I know he continues to guide many others to find ICWF now. He has work for us all to do, words that need to be written, and Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship plays a big part in helping us all to accomplish that work - to "write it on a tablet for them, inscribe it on a scroll, that for the days to come it may be an everlasting witness" (Isaiah 30:8).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Interview with Christian Author, Tom Blugaugh

Tom Blubaugh is a freelance writing living in southwest Missouri with Barbara, his wife. They have six children and fourteen grandchildren. Tom has written non-fiction most of his adult life, but has recently written a historical fiction titled Night of the Cossack, published by Bound by Faith Publishers. This is Tom’s first novel. He co-wrote a devotional journal in 2009 for Barbour Publishing titled The Great Adventure. His other writings include articles for a denominational magazine and an insurance publication. He also self-published a book, Behind the Scenes of the Bus Ministry in 1974.

Hi Tom. Please introduce yourself, then tell us how you got started writing.

Tom: My first writing was done when I was fourteen. I wrote poems. I was influenced by the advent of rock and roll and I had visions of my poems turning into lyrics for Elvis. This, however, didn’t work out. I continued to write poems, mostly to girls in my class. At age thirty, I started writing nonfiction.

What have you published and what is your current project?

Tom: I self-published a book in 1974 for my ministry, Behind the Scenes in the Bus Ministry. I also wrote some articles for denomination magazines and a business magazine. In 2009 I co-wrote a devotional journal for Barbour Publishing under contract. On April 6th, my first attempt at fiction, Night of the Cossack, was published by Bound by Faith Publishers. At this time, I’m working hard at marketing my name and book and trying to enjoy some of the summer since I missed summer last year due to writing. In the fall I’ll continue with a sequel to my novel. I also have some children’s books in my mix.

The Night of the Cossack looks like it required quite a bit of research. How did you go about that? Did you encounter any obstacles?

Tom: Night of the Cossack did require a lot of research. I worked hard at it and took my first fifty pages to a Russian History professor at a local university and asked her to read it. She did and told me there wasn’t a word of truth in it, which really threw me. At the time, I was tutoring English as a second language and there were some students from Russia and Ukraine. One of them read it and told me it was all true. I told her I was confused. She asked me where the professor was educated and I told her in Russia. She told me that was the problem—that there is one version of history taught in the universities and there was the true history written by those who escaped and immigrated to the USA. After that, I continued researching and writing.

As a writer of faith, what is your philosophy on marketing?

Tom: Great question. I believe my talents come from the Lord and that I’m to do everything to the best of my ability, which includes marketing. I think He expects me to do all I can do and He’ll do what I can’t.

Great Answer! ;) Tell us about a "God incident" related to your writing.

Tom: This truly is a God thing. I wasn’t sure I was going to publish the story because I was creating a legacy for my children and grandchildren. Both my grandfathers died before I was born so I never had the experience of having that role model. Now I have fourteen grandchildren and am winging it. When I was nearly done with the manuscript a friend called me and wanted me to help him set up a website. I met with him and his wife. They told me they were starting an independent Christian publishing company. I didn’t think anything about it because I wasn’t writing the book from a Christian perspective since my grandfather was a Jew.

In the process of helping them, I showed them my website. They picked up the fact that I had the first chapter of my book on the site for reading. They didn’t say anything, but when they got home they read it (I found this out later). They called me and said they’d like to read some more of the story, so I sent them a couple more chapters. They then asked to read the entire manuscript after which they wanted to meet with me and my wife, Barbara. During that meeting they asked to publish the story. Not your normal publishing story, but I certainly know who is in charge.

What are your hopes/dreams for the future?

Tom: I feel like I’m living my future. I’m 69 and my wife is retiring in January. I’ve been retired since 2004. I can’t think of anything I need or want other than to see this book do well. I have a wonderful family and as I stated we have fourteen grandchildren. I’m sure I’ll write as long as I live or as long as I’m able. After that I’ll be in heaven.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning to write and wanting to publish?

Tom: Don’t wait another minute to start promoting your name and what you’re doing. A deep platform is extremely important if you want to see your work do well. I don’t know how the writers did it before the computer.

Any last words?

Tom: There is a great need for clean, wholesome literature for young adults.

Thanks Tom. All the best as you continue to write for the Kingdom. :)

Tom Blubaugh, Author of Night of the Cossack--Read the first chapter get a signed copy by ordering here. FREE shipping in USA. Published by Bound by Faith Publishers.

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Theresa Franklin
Paulette Harper

Marcia Laycock
Lorilyn Roberts
Cheryl Rogers

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Sell More Books by Steve and Cherie Miller

A Great resource for writers who find they have to do it all themselves. Steve and Cherie Miller have put together a book that is invaluable to writers who need answers to marketing questions. Each chapter is followed by a place to write down specific application steps. Following this book will undoubtedly lead to sales and greater exposure.

Check it out here

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Interview with Lorilyn Roberts, Christian Author

Lorilyn Roberts grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and currently lives in Gainesville, Florida, with her two daughters, her dogs Sirius and Molly, and four cats. Lorilyn is a media professional and provides broadcast captioning for television. She makes time to pursue her passion for writing and will earn her Masters in Creative Writing from Perelandra College next year.

Lorilyn has homeschooled her daughters for the past fifteen years. She has published two books, The Donkey and the King and Children of Dreams; is president of the Gainesville, Florida, Word Weavers Chapter; and the founder of the John 3:16 Marketing Net
work. Lorilyn's personal website can be found at and her blog is at You can check out her Facebook fan page where she shares writing tips at Also be sure to follow her on Twitter at!/llwroberts. To learn more about the John 316 Marketing Network, visit

Question: Please introduce yourself and tell us how you got started writing.

Lorilyn: I have b
een writing ever since I was a young child—around eight years old. My childhood was difficult and I could escape from a world where there was a lot of pain to a world I created that made me happy.

Question: What have you published and what is your current project?

Lorilyn: I have published two books, The Donkey and the King and Children of Dreams. Currently I am working on a sequel to the inspirational fantasy The Donkey and the King. The story has taken off in a new direction and will be a fantasy book for Young Adults. A third book will follow making it a trilogy.

Fantasy continues to be an escape for me. As I have gotten older, raised one child and am approaching the teenage years with my second, I have become more reflective on my early years and wondered if I could heal in a deeper way through writing. I have studied some of the best Christian authors in my Masters writing classes and discovered many grew up in deprived circumstances or even abusive families. Later, those memories found their way in the magnificent stories they wrote.

Hopefully we can age gracefully and see that God was with us when we were young, even before we had an inkling of who He was. Today, as a Christian, I understand the sin that entangles and the chaos that ensues, yet through it all, God makes His presence known in miraculous ways. With fiction we have freedom and freedom inspires creativity. God uses the hard things to reveal Himself when we least expect it, and I look forward to sharing some of that story from a very unusual point of view.

Question: As a writer of faith, what is your philosophy on marketing?

Lorilyn: I started the John 3:16 Marketing Network to help new and low-profile authors launch their books in the oftentimes brutal world of publishing. We have about 150 members now and the Network has helped several authors to achieve best seller status on Amazon.

I find great satisfaction knowing I played a small part in making another Christian author’s dream come true. We are filling a felt-need and purpose. Ultimately my goal is to get as many Christian books in the top rankings as possible to glorify God and present a Christian worldview. From the beginning I felt God leading me to form the John 3:16 Marketing Network and believe we have a great opportunity to influence the direction of Christian book marketing in the years to come.

Question: Tell us about a "God incident-related your writing."

Lorilyn: Children of Dreams tells the story of how God made me a mother to two beautiful daughters from Nepal and Vietnam. My faith has grown through their adoptions as God has taught me so much more about His adoption of us than I ever would have understood otherwise. Jesus paid the ultimate price to redeem us so we could be His children and spend eternity with Him.

Question: What are your hopes/dreams for the future?

Lorilyn: As my children have gotten older, even as a single parent, it has allowed me some freedom to pursue my passion for writing. Last year I enrolled in Perelandra College (a fully accredited on-line college) to pursue my Masters in Creative Writing. I still have another year to finish, but the main reason I wanted it is I have a dream to teach creative writing in China.

While I don't need a Masters to teach there with my background in journalism/court reporting/broadcast captioning, I will need it when I return. I will have been out of the closed-captioning world for a year and may have difficulty finding work. Plus I would like to teach creative writing here in the U.S., write more books, and help other authors. With a Masters in Creative Writing and the experience I gain from teaching in China, I feel like I will be able to pursue that dream.

Question: What advice would you give to someone just beginning to write and wanting to publish?

Lorilyn: The first thing I would say is pursue your dream. Don't let somebody talk you out of it. There will always be naysayers, so if your desire is to write, write with all your heart. While you may need a day job along the way to pay a few bills, you can still pursue your dream if it's your passion. God gives us our passions and creative gifts and longs for us to use them—just like we long for our children to become everything God has created them to be. Develop the attitude of becoming a life-long learner towards writing.

There are also practical things you can do: Join a writer’s critique group like Word Weavers, read all the books on writing you can find, attend writers’ conferences in your area, and listen to webinars and podcasts on the Internet. There is a lot of free information available on the web so writers have access to good information—more than ever before.

Form meaningful relationships with writers on Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in the John 3:16 Marketing Network, you can get in touch with me on my website at Leave your email (it will be private), website/blog, and Facebook name. I will get back in touch with you.
We've been averaging about three membership drives per year, and I will keep you posted on the next one when you can join.

Any last words?

Lorilyn: Please visit my fan page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (links at the top) so I can let you know when my YA fantasy book will be available. If you like time travel to other dimensions with a Christian worldview, (or you know someone who does) The Seventh Dimension will take you to a surprising land that lies counter-point to the real world—with unusual animals, special gifts, and supernatural beings. I can’t wait to finish and share it with my friends, fans, and readers.
Others participating in the blog tour -

Lorilyn Roberts,

Tom Blubaugh

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Blog Tour - Cheryl Rogers

For the next while I'll be featuring several different authors on a blog tour. I hope you will enjoy getting to know these Christian authors.

ML: Please introduce yourself, then tell us how you got started writing.

My name is Cheryl Rogers and I’m a Christian author based in Tampa, Florida. I decided to become a writer after I became fascinated with Nancy Drew Mysteries as a child. Although I loved fiction, it seemed less practical. So I decided to study Journalism and become a newspaper reporter. I worked for newspapers for 12 years before I quit to have a family.

ML: What have you published and what is your current project?

I have published a number of books, one of them is a paperback but the others are ebooks. The bulk of them are Christian titles aimed at different age groups. My books include Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook, which is a devotional aimed at new and young Christians aged 12 and up. I’ve also written a children’s Bible study, Making Choice: Life is Like Acorns, which teaches children things are not always what they appear to be and God looks at the heart. Just Like Jonah Wail Tales is story collection aimed at preteens and teens that teaches there is a price to pay when you disobey. The I Can See Christian Storybook Treasury is aimed at toddlers through teens. It is a short story collection to defeat doubts about God as a child grows. It can be read by children of various ages, as well as my one child for several years. I have also written a skit from one of the stories in the Christian Storybook Treasury. I call it “I Can See God’s Word.” It can be used by churches and youth groups to encourage youngsters to study God’s word and cooperate with him as he attempts to change us into the people he wants us to be. I also write about self publishing. My books include What You Should Know About Self Publishing and What You Should Know Before You Hire a Book Designer.

ML: As a writer of faith, what is your philosophy on marketing?

I don’t want to make anyone feel obliged to buy my books. I figure if God has indeed given me a message he will prepare hearts for it. I am trusting in him to connect me with my intended audience. If he wants me to give away my books, I pray I am obedient. If he wants to send me buyers, I am always grateful for the sale -- whether the readers purchase one book or more. The most important thing is that his kingdom is built up.

ML: Tell us about a "God incident" related to your writing.

I didn’t really even know God when I began to write. It took a devastating illness for me to find God, or really for him to find me. When he did, he not only healed me but began giving me Scripture songs. Now I didn’t consider myself a musician, although I liked to sing. And I couldn’t have written a melody on my own. But these songs were actually sung into my spirit. Then God enabled me to record them into Scripture song CDs through the help of a music minister with a recording studio two blocks from my house. I realized if God could enable me to record Scripture song CDs when I could not previous write music, I had better use the talents he’d developed in me over the years. That was my writing. And so I began writing the original Bible columns sharing what God had taught me. These became the basis of Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook. Doing the Scripture songs and books enabled me to fulfill my childhood dreams of being a singer and a writer.

ML: What are your hopes/dreams for the future?

I am believing God will expand my territory and enable me to reach many more with my message about the importance of seeking God, surrendering our lives to him, staying connected to his Word, and doing what he says.

ML: Thanks for the interview, Cheryl.

During this blog tour, Cheryl is offering 25% off on all of her books at New Christian Books.
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Dying Empty

Excellent post about living every day creatively on Michael Hyatt's blog