Thursday, November 24, 2011

Review of The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson

The Christmas Shoppe is a delightful novella perfect for Christmas giving. The characters are well drawn, the plot engaging and the theme inspiring.

When Matilda Honeycutt purchases an old building on the main street of a small town, the other shopkeepers are suspicious and worried. When she opens what appears to be a thrift shop they are enraged and stirred to get rid of her by an unscrupulous town councilman who wants the old building for himself.

The local newspaper man and the lovely town manager, also a newcomer to town, try to build bridges between Matilda and the town and find a bridge being built between their own lives. But will they allow it to be complete or will they burn it down?

Things begin to change as the people of Parrish Springs step through the doors of Matilda's shop. Is she a witch? What is happening to the people of this small town? And will Matilda be forced out?

Melody Carlson has given another great read. Don't miss it. Purchase here
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Through a Country Window by Eric. E Wright

Publication News of book out of print for several years

Through a Country Window

by Eric E. Wright

A light-hearted and inspirational look at country living from out where the sky springs free.

What happens when a farm girl from South Carolina and a city boy from Toronto trade their suburban split-level for a log house in the country? Besides crazy craft on the Ganaraska River and live theatre in a barnyard, Eric & Mary Helen Wright discover crickets in the bedroom, and thunder on the ridges. They also rediscover the creative majesty of God—and much more.

ISBN 1-55306-202-7 264 pages - 40 photographs

Readers write;

· “I seldom read, but before I knew it was at page 89!”

· “It’s so refreshing” “I’m having trouble putting it down!” “It’s the best book I’ve read in a long time.”

· “It’s a hoot!” “It reminded me of growing up in New Brunswick.”

· “As I read I was taken back to the sky of my childhood in Saskatchewan.”

What other authors are saying;

· “Delightful journey down roads seldom explored these days. . . Eric Wright takes us on the vacation of a lifetime filling it with gentle reminders of the joy of simplicity and the power of faith . . . the vacation ends too soon!” Phil Callaway, author of Making Life Rich Without Any Money

· “His enchanting journey unfolds as he and his wife discover the never-ending wonders of rural life at all seasons. Joyful, wistful, and often funny, this is a book to delight the reader.” Claire Mowat, author of The Outport People

· “Lyrical and affectionate, with a wry wonder at Nature’s gifts and human nature.” Ron Wright, author of Time Among the Maya

· “Be warned that Eric Wright's enthusiasm for the country is infectious, and "Through a Country Window" may make you want to head down country roads of your own.” Maxine Hancock, author of Love Knows No Difference: Learning to Give & Receive.

SPECIAL REPRINT OFFER: $18.95, no tax plus $5.00 mailing

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Wildwood Writing Service, 13643 Little Lake Road, Colborne, ON K0K 1S0 Canada


What reviewers are saying

“Eric Wright describes . . . experiences that will resonate with all who love country life, whether they live in the Smokies east of Knoxville or in the Yorkshire Dales north of London. . . . Wright’s observant eye to both nature and country culture, combined with his characteristically down-to-earth writing, makes for entertaining reading with a devotional quality. . . . I highly recommend it.” Francis Kyle, The Evangelical Baptist

“A gentle read for gentle readers. . . . Through a Country Window traces the pilgrim’s progress of Eric and his wife, Mary Helen, as they move through their first years in a wood-heated log house. . . The author explores everything from Ganny [river] racing to gardening, from gastronomy to godliness, his spirituality continually reinforced by the evidence of his senses. . . . A charmingly told tale of the quality of life that is possible when one surrenders to the charm and power of the elements, and takes the time to find the simple goodness in one’s neighbours.” Eileen Argyris, Northumberland author

A few of the chapter headings

Gossip Central

Country Carousel

The Great Southern Gooseway

Red Flag Flu

Crazy Crickets

Hallelujah Hill

Where God Rakes Leaves

Cattlemen Love Blondes

Barnyard Theatre

Trauma on Trespass Road

For short excerpts from some of the chapters and other information access my web site



"The Lightning File"
COUNTRY INSPIRATION: - Falling Leaves - Failing Health

Christmas Book by Rose McCaughley

Good interview Here on Novel Rocket today.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Book of Ruth by Christian Author Deborah Bateman

The Book of Ruth is a Daily Bible Reading Devotional. The characters in “The Book of Ruth” deal with loss, lack, and romance. Through their many trials they learn to lean on God and His sovereign will for their lives. Even though Ruth is a Moabite she decides to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi back to her homeland of Judah.

The two ladies travel back with nothing and are not sure how they will survive, but they trust God to make a way for them. As you read “The Book of Ruth”, you will see the story unfold and see God’s provision for these two ladies. Reading “The Book of Ruth” will help you recognize God’s sovereignty and provision in your own life.



Each episode detailed in Ruth teaches lessons—of God’s plan, precise and solid. Ruth reminds us of God's plans; the ones we might not understand, yet vibrant in His eyes. The theme illustrates the journey that can take one to places impossible for man, but possible with God. The story of Ruth as highlighted in this book opens a new revelation of God’s hand at work. His grace is active in the life of those who choose to obey in humility and commitment. The prayer at the end of each lesson brings a challenge for all and ushers relevance to us today.

---Review by Janet Perez Eckles author of Simply Salsa

I love the story of Ruth. Deborah shed light on the truths in this inspiring book in the Bible. I love that she showed the connection between Ruth and Boaz, and Christ and the church. Even though I've studied Ruth before, Deborah pointed out several details that I hadn't known. It's amazing how God speaks through His children. Deborah has a loving, humble heart for the Lord. You can see her heart throughout the book. I am so happy for her first release! I look forward to more books from Deborah in the future! Great job, Deborah:)

---Review by Amanda Beth author of You Can Have a Happy Family

I often declare that the Bible is one fascinating love story, filled with all the highs and lows, joys and sorrows and treacheries and intrigues that are found in everyday life. But some books of the Bible emphasize this love in a more pronounced way that others.

The Book of Ruth is one of those books. Sometimes we tend to overlook it as such, among the high flyers like Song of Solomon and the gospel of John or perhaps Hosea. But the story of Ruth is a tender, practical love story.

The author of this handy easy to read volume, Deborah Bateman has captured the essence of this love in her first publication, The Book of Ruth-A Story of Love and Redemption.

Bateman begins each chapter with a simple expository, followed by the Scripture verses to which it refers. Writing it thus makes it easy for the reader to remain in the book and not have to move from book to Bible. This format also makes it easy to follow the Biblical record and use it as a daily bible reading. The prayer and thought for the day, which concludes the chapter, enabled me to reinforce what I had just read.

In these times when we all need to have, our faith firmly rooted in a God who provides Himself as our Kinsman-Redeemer and who has bought us back from the slavery of sin. A book such as this is invaluable to help us maintain this focus. It also serves to reinforce the tender loving care God has for us that even when we were aliens and far from the Kingdom of God, He was willing to make provision for us to be redeemed.

I would recommend this book as a useful resource, both to take another look at this tender love story and also as a devotional to keep our minds fixed on the God’s wonderful redemption of mankind. ---Review by Yvonne Pat Wright

About the Author

Deborah H. Bateman loves studying the Bible and is dedicated to “Sharing God’s Word”. She is the Founder of Christian Daily Resources a Christian Online Ministry.

Deborah has a Daily Bible Reading Blog where she does a Daily Bible Study. This is where “The Book of Ruth” was started. Deborah has learned to trust God through the. many trials of her life. She can relate to Naomi and Ruth’s dependence on God to see them through their life’s experiences.

The Book of Ruth-A Story of Love and Redemption is available at:

Smashwords,,, and

The link for Smashwords is:

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Book Launch for Anita Estes - Letters to God on a Prodigal Son

Are you struggling to cope with a loved one’s addiction? Do you need hope and a way out? Letters to God, on a Prodigal Son—Overcoming Addiction Through Prayer by Anita Estes is a powerful journal packed with prayers, practical advice and key spiritual insights to help guide you through these troubled waters.

Letters to God, on a Prodigal Son will show you how to have peace in the midst of a tumultuous storm and lead you to victory. It demonstrates how to cope with those affected by addictions and how to pray fervently and effectively. Woven throughout the journals are entries in Lessons Learned and Suggestions for dealing successfully with these circumstances. Sure to help anyone who is coping with an addicted loved one or counseling someone in the grip of addition. It will also be welcomed by those facing difficult situations and trying times.

Interview with Anita -

1. Please introduce yourself, then tell us how you got started writing.

My name is Anita Estes, and I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I started writing poetry and kept a journal. When I became a Christian I began writing articles and devotions, then I started writing children’s stories when I became a teacher and a mother. As I grew in the Lord, I progressed to writing inspirational stories and had my work published. I wrote my first book of stories and devotionals six years ago when I was invited to be a speaker at a women’s conference (WIN). They wanted me to have a book available of my work.

  1. What have you published and what is your current project?

I have written a number of devotions and short stories that have been published in “Upper Room”, Penned form the Heart, Adam’s Media Books, God Allows U-Turns: for Women, Cup of Comfort Book of Prayer, and Deliver Me! I have three books published, When God Speaks, 40 Days and Nights of His Promises, which is a story format devotional with an accompanying Bible Study work book. My next book I compiled and edited was Transformed—Inspiring Stories of Freedom, a book of testimonies about men freed from the bondage of addictions.

My recent release, Letters to God on a Prodigal Son—Overcoming Addiction Through Prayer was birthed from the painful journey I experienced while navigating the minefield of my son’s addiction. I kept a journal that contained many powerful prayers, letters and scriptures that I thought would help others navigate the turbulent waters of a prodigal’s addiction, so I worked on transforming it into a book. I added two sections, Lessons Learned and Suggestions that I thought would further help others to avoid some of the pitfalls I experienced, while offering a lifeline of hope. At the time my son was going through this terrible ordeal, I couldn’t find any Christian books on the subject that gave practical and spiritual, not textbook, advice. Letters to God, on a Prodigal Son was designed to fit this need. It’s filled with the heart-felt letters and prayers of a mother, key spiritual insights and practical advice. My desire in writing this book is to help others and minister to them though this true life story. You can buy this book and any of my others at


  1. What do you hope this book accomplishes and who is this book written for?

First I want to reach out to parents of prodigals and let them know there is hope. I especially want to let them know that God has not abandoned them, nor is he punishing them. God is compassionate and there to help, but he doesn’t trespass our will. I want to show parents and loved ones that it’s okay to be honest with God. He desires that. I also want to reach out not only to parents and loved ones of prodigals, but to everyone who is dealing with a difficult relationship or situation. I believe the prayers and scriptures in Letters to God are powerful for “pulling down strong holds” ( ) in people’s lives—areas of bondage.

  1. What do you want reader’s to come away with?

All my non-fiction books and articles are written to either help Christian’s grow in their spiritual walk with God or to reach those who are hurting and hurl them a lifeline in their storm. My books lean heavily on the power of prayer and God’s amazing compassion, mercy and love. I want others to intimately know the awesome God I know and the power of praying His promises. My fiction work is also spiritual in nature, filled with mystery and intrigue. I want to alert Christians to the enemy’s tactics so they can avoid his traps and use prayer as a powerful weapon. All of my writing is geared to coming away with a fuller understanding of God, His promises, and the transforming power of prayer.

  1. What one issue ignites your passion?

Prayer and an intimate relationship with God are my two deepest passions. I want others to know how much God really cares for us and wants to know us. He gives us so many great gifts nestled in His promises. I want others to know how they can avail themselves of these treasures and go deeper with God. It is my desire to help others who face life’s challenges to know and understand how they can be victorious—in Jesus.

On Tues NOV. 8TH ONLY I’ll be having a book launch for Letters to God… and you’ll be able to get a lot of FREE Gifts and a chance to win a free gifts card when you purchase the book on that day. You can find out more about the launch on my web-site, or this direct link